10 January 2019

Those who are looking for a house know that one of the most frightening factors in the choice of a property is the renovation, so much so that many, even before starting the search, exclude any solution that requires work.

The concerns and anxieties that motivate this choice are many and of different nature: the fear of having "nasty surprises" at the end of the work, with estimates, almost doubled compared to the initial budget, the stress of delivery times extended over time, the inability to follow requests, authorizations and bureaucratic steps long and itchy.

On the other hand, buying a property to renovate brings considerable advantages: it allows you to save considerably on the cost of purchase (in many cases you are faced with costs almost halved compared to a newly built or renovated property), allows you to acquire properties located in central areas or of historical interest and, finally, allows you to enjoy interesting tax deductions.

In this panorama, in the last few years, a third way has emerged, more and more used: the turnkey service.

Let's see in detail what it is.

The turnkey service is a service offered both to the seller and to the buyer of the property that provides a team of professionals who - from the design to the operational phase - follow all the necessary operations to deliver the property completed and ready for use.

This service is also applicable in the case of the restructuring or in the construction of Trulli, which have always been considered a "hot potato" to be dealt with: for the typical dwellings with a cone-shaped roof, the same methods and the same advantages apply as for any other property. And it is precisely in the latter area that our company Edil Serra, which has been operating for 40 years in the construction and renovation of Trulli, is working in recent years.

In this short, but timely list we bring you all the positives that you can draw in relying on our turnkey service: :

- relying on a single company, long-lived and professional, means eliminating the risk of stopping the work at the first unforeseen (a recurring situation when you choose the company based only on the price lever)

- it is possible to benefit from important tax deductions, which reach 50% for renovations and 65% for energy efficiency;

- all the phases are agreed with the buyer, who is involved in a simple process that includes 4 steps: free initial consultation (the first moment of knowledge, without commitment in which all the needs and possible solutions emerge); feasibility study (with inspections and surveys to design customized environments); design (the moment in which all the requests are transformed into a clear and realistic project), the direction of works (from the start of the construction practices until the selection of the team); delivery of the property (the final moment, the most awaited, the happiest);

- together with the team of architects and designers, the best solution for the buyer's needs is designed, which come to life in renderings or find space in already tested projects: the buyer, of course, is involved in every aspect, from the cut of the settings to the plant engineering, from the choice of colors to the materials and finishes;

- unites, under a single director of works, all the phases of work that require many professional figures and different skills: with the turnkey project you eliminate all the risks and delays related to professionals who do not communicate with each other, who fail to coordinate or who delay the delivery of works. A single contact person for a coordinated renovation project;

- you delegate all the steps and bureaucratic tasks necessary to carry out the work to qualified personnel: practices, authorizations and permits will no longer be a nightmare;

- reduces stress and worries;

- guarantees on-time delivery and avoids bad surprises in terms of costs: the estimate is agreed in advance, without further increases.

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