13 March 2018

Famous all over the world, Apulian trulli are now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. But it is thanks to the skill of the 'trullari' that these particular constructions still preserve their shape and splendor in Puglia today.

The Edilserra team, working for years in the field, hands down not only the techniques of restoration trulli but also the historical value of this art that is in danger of disappearing.

Francesco Serra, son of Donato Serra, explains what it means to be a 'trullaro' nowadays.

The ancient crafts of the past are strongly revalued, what has changed for the work of the trullaro over the years?

The years have not changed the true nature of the work of the 'trullaro'. An ancient art that is based on the manual work of the stone, almost unchanged over the years. Being a 'trullaro' is a heavy job but full of satisfaction.

What is the most difficult part of a trullo to renovate?

Trulli are complex structures in which every single stone is necessary for the balance of the others. It is almost impossible to identify a part of the trullo that is more important, think of the trullo as a puzzle.

Like so many ancient crafts, the trulli craft is also in danger of disappearing. Nowadays, is it still possible to learn this art?

An ancient craft, almost as ancient as the trulli themselves, difficult to pass on today has given the lack of interest in learning manual labor. But our passion and desire to share this art with those who decide to try to make us many times 'master trullari'. We often organize workshops for students, industry enthusiasts, and lovers of craftsmanship.

How many true trullari still exist in Apulia?

Certainly very few, perhaps no more than 10 in the heart of Puglia, in Valle D'Itria.

How long has the Serra family been dealing with trulli and why?

We have been doing this job for more than 40 years, born from a passion for the care and restoration of trulli and dry stone walls. The Serra team has its roots in Puglia and has been working in this field since 1973, when my grandfather taught my father until today, here in Puglia, where my father teaches me with the same passion as always.



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