What is rendering? Meaning and benefits

12 December 2022

What is rendering? With this article you will discover all the uses and benefits of this important design technique.

For a long time the technical drawing was the only way to get a complete set of a project. These drawings allowed for so much information such as:

● heights;

● distances;

● wall thickness;

● volumes.

However, this did not guarantee a clear dialogue with the client, creating quite a few misunderstandings. 

 Thanks to rendering, this problem was solved. But what is a rendering?

With the word rendering (also commonly called render) we refer to a digital image designed with the help of software from a 3D model. This is a great change that has been born since the 1970s, a revolution that has brought benefits in several areas: from interior design, to architecture, to video games and cinema.

With renderings we derive faithful representations of objects that really exist, but also simulations of nonexistent objects. Architects and engineers use this tool to introduce many useful features into their designs, for example:

textures of real materials;

light sources (natural or artificial).

The purpose of the render is to make an idea come to life; real animations can also be obtained.

What are the advantages of rendering?

Rendering as we have already seen has made it possible to broaden horizons and break down limitations, the creation of virtual worlds from scratch constituted the key to understanding today's needs.

3D representation techniques and digital design are genuine "tools of the trade," widely used by a great many professionals and companies.

Here are the main advantages of rendering:

clarity: rendering makes every aspect of a project immediately clear and visible. In fact, it can avoid problems of misunderstanding with the client by serving as a guarantee for the work done;

 creative flexibility: the opportunity to see all elements of an elevation allows for different solutions and alternatives to be defined depending on the final result;

marketing instrument: the render constitutes a professional's portfolio: it allows them to publicize their work;

customization: rendering is perfect for satisfying customer desires and tastes. This is because 3D rendering is a great tool to give a broad view of multiple alternatives and custom solutions. Today, customization of rooms is a real trend, from furniture to materials to lighting.

How much does a render cost?

The cost of a rendering is not fixed, it depends on many factors, including:

● dimensions of the project;

● quantity of the objects to be made in 3D;

● required level of realism.

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