02 July 2019

If in previous articles we have revealed the secrets for a perfect restoration of a trullo, today we give you some "style advice" on how to furnish it.

Furnishing a trullo can be a difficult task if you consider two immediately obvious aspects:

1.         The need to respect as much as possible the nature and the state of the place;

2.         The curvilinear architecture of Trulli, very often, requires custom-made furniture.

Our experience shows us that there is a way to think about history respectfully, except to make it collide with the present and see what happens. All it takes is following a few simple tips.

- For floors, wherever possible, salvage the original limestone; alternatively, opt for a local limestone. In the kitchen or the bathrooms, you can also install decorated cement tiles, but without exaggerating because the trullo is and remains a simple traditional architecture.

- For the walls, interior and exterior, opt for lime plastering, a technique that originates in the past and that guarantees breathable, durable, hygienic finishes that contribute to the thermal comfort of the rooms. What was once a material used to disinfect environments, today, loses its patina of poverty to rise to an element of sophistication a bit 'cool. On the other hand, white increases brightness (sometimes the windows in Trulli are small) and helps to make the space feel bigger than it is.

- For the sinks of the bathroom and kitchen you can choose stone solutions, obtained by working a single block of stone to leave a split on the outer surfaces. The same choice applies to the shower, to be carved into the wall and closed with a simple glass. Beautiful is the effect of stone combined with a water system made with exposed galvanized pipes and essential taps.

- In the choice of furniture prefer a simple and essential style, which fits the "roundness" of the environment, such as beds to be placed directly on masonry structures and bedside tables of the same material that occupy as little space as possible while maintaining a rustic style and seemingly raw. For the furniture, then, space to ceramics, iron, wood, and any other recovered material: more and more often we see ancient doors of Trulli recovered and transformed into beautiful design tables. Besides, the local flea markets can be precious mines to draw inspiration and find old furniture accessories: old keys, tin or clay containers, are transformed into spectacular ideas that give strength and personality to the environments. Those who prefer a more modern style can dare to contrast the stone of the Trulli with design objects with essential lines, for a game of unexpected contrasts.

- For the doors, an interesting and original idea could be to focus a lot on the glass to illuminate the environment using the white color of lime. A more classic alternative is to use wood, perhaps choosing a light color, almost white.

- Another suggestion for the interior decoration of Trulli concerns the choice of colors. Usually, we prefer neutral and soft colors that are perfectly suited to this type of structure: white, beige, but also brighter colors such as yellow or red, especially for environments such as the kitchen or the outdoor space, may be an appropriate choice.

Finally, the choice to live in a trullo is inseparable from enjoying its outdoor spaces. On the other hand, the mild temperatures of Puglia and the long summer, allow you to enjoy gardens and terraces for many months. For this reason, the recovery of the external environment of a trullo is as important as that of the interior. But we will talk about this in the next article




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