02 February 2018

It is a long and complicated process, but Trulli restoration is our passion, cultivated for decades in our family.

In order to protect their original shape and appearance, the renovation of Trulli in Puglia needs to consider the following conditions:

- Assessment of the state of the Trulli

- Creation of the restoration plan

- Choice of materials

Evaluation of the state of the Trulli

Most of the Trulli in the Itria Valley can be dated back to the early twentieth century, so an accurate assessment is essential to start the work. Originally used as temporary housing to support agricultural activities, Trulli usually has basic (or no) electrical and sanitary services. Depending on the scope of the restoration, the appraisal determines the basis on which work can begin for both the trullaro and the owners.

Creating the restoration plan

Almost like a mosaic, the process that is followed to rehabilitate Trulli follows the traditional system called 'sew and unsew' done exclusively by hand. Most Trulli restorations in Puglia aim to revitalize these structures in order to make them comfortable or even luxurious. In fact, the planning of the restoration work is based on the scope itself which allows the company to customize each project, highlighting the uniqueness of each trullo and its shape.

The duration of restoration projects can vary depending on the scope of work, weather conditions (restoration fears rain!), and material research. These are the three key elements to consider before planning a restoration.

Choice of materials

The local authorities have developed a series of action plans to preserve the historical value of the Trulli. A restoration project, implemented in order to preserve their importance, must respect these provisions also in the choice of materials that can be used. Like all those selected, each stone, here called 'chianca' is of local origin.

Our team has completed several Trulli rehabilitation projects, restoring even the most difficult ones to their former glory, and continues to operate in the specialized construction industry with passion and determination. Visit our website for more information.

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