Buying a trullo in Apulia: the real estate dream of VIPs

20 June 2022

Buying a trullo or restoring a masseria is one of the biggest investments you can make in Apulia today. 

Our region has long been one of the most attractive destinations for tourists from all over the world. A magical place where you can switch off and regenerate, far from the routine and frenzy of everyday life. Here, time seems to stand still, to give its visitors peace and relaxation. For these reasons, many VIPs choose the heel of Italy to spend their holidays. 

An economic growth that does not only concern tourism but also the events and big investments sector. In fact, actors, singers and well-known personalities are buying masserie, trulli and luxurious villas. 

 A real redevelopment of Apulia's architectural heritage

A trend that started way back in 2010 that shows no sign of stopping, a golden period that has led Apulia to be the first choice for buyers from abroad, ranking ahead of Tuscany and Lazio.

According to a study by (one of the most important online real estate portals), Apulia intercepted around 11% of foreign requests for buying and selling property in 2017.

If we analyse the period between 2010 and 2019, the number of people who bought a second home in Puglia is almost ten thousand five hundred. Generating over 3 billion euros of investment.

Among the VIPs in love with our region we can find celebrities such as:

  • Meryl Streep has a house in Tricase, near Santa Maria di Leuca;
  • Helen Mirren, a big fan of Puglia, chose to restore a 16th century farmhouse in the countryside of Tiggiano;
  • Gérard Depardieu, the well-known French actor, opted instead for a house in the historic centre of Lecce.

These are just some of the international VIPs who have a second home in Apulia.

Many Italian stars are also investing in Puglia. Such as Michele Placido, Raoul Bova and Checco Zalone, who preferred the Itria Valley to Salento.

For many celebrities, a trullo is a way to return to a simple and quiet life, away from the spotlight and work commitments.

Puglia is experiencing a period of rediscovery and redevelopment. Just think of the latest fashion show organised by the Gucci fashion brand in Castel del Monte. A great event that brought new lustre to a little-known treasure known to a wide audience. Such occasions are an excellent flywheel to intercept a luxury target.

Today, the boot of the bel paese has nothing to envy from the great national and international tourist destinations. Sleeping in a trullo, walking among the olive groves or a boat trip: these are just some of the thousands of adventures that Apulia can offer you.

A true paradise on earth, with which many people have already fallen in love.

In light of the above, buying a trullo is a great way to capitalise on the great success of our region in recent years.

So take courage and do it too!

Are you planning to invest in Puglia, buying a trullo or masseria? The Edil serra team is the answer to your question. We have been involved in the construction and restoration of trulli for over 40 years. 

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