02 February 2020

More and more often we find ourselves starting renovation projects of trulli destined to become Bed&Breakfasts, a smart choice for those who have very large and unused spaces, for those who have a trullo as a second home or for the many, increasingly numerous, who want to invest in Puglia.

On the other hand, the numbers speak for themselves: the presence of foreigners in our region is constantly increasing, with arrivals covering almost the entire year, in a scenario that is constantly evolving. Contemporary tourists travel much more frequently and for shorter periods, using the web as their main tool not only to search for information but also to plan their vacation and are increasingly thirsty to live a unique experience, which can tell the identity of the place they have chosen.

A total change in point of view that has decreed the decline of the classic hotel chains in favor of "home" accommodation solutions, more intimate, comfortable and, in some cases, even cheaper, such as Bed & Breakfast.

If the external factors are - at least at this moment - positive, it is however necessary to consider, before taking such a step, a whole series of bureaucratic and fiscal requirements that must be met, because nothing is left to chance anymore.

Since 2011, was introduced the concept of B & B entrepreneurial character, in addition to the family character, which regulates this activity with VAT and business character. Besides, the operation of B & B is regulated differently, through a regulation, from region to region.

Let's see what happens in our land, in Puglia.

Let's start with the first question: what is the difference between a family B&B and an entrepreneurial B&B?

The term B&B was born in the United Kingdom and in Ireland, where some local families had thought of exploiting the rooms, which had been left empty by their sons who had decided to leave to look for work elsewhere (we are approximately in the 20s), thus hosting travelers and people passing through in search of a shelter and a hot meal for a night.

Today, the family B&B must meet the following requirements:

  • the activity must be carried out in the house in which you live permanently and not continuously;
  • You can offer accommodation and only breakfast;
  • a maximum of 3 rooms with 6 beds can be made available;
  • you can carry out the activity for a minimum of ninety and a maximum of two hundred and seventy days per year
  • inside the suburbs and the Communes with the resident population not superior to ten thousand inhabitants, inside the historical centers and the rural suburbs, the activity of B&B can also be exercised in physically distinct real estate units, distant not beyond one hundred meters;
  • the exercise of the activity of family-run B & B does not require registration in the register of companies;
  • you can issue non-tax invoices and the proceeds declared as other income, after deducting expenses (utilities, cleaning, food offered to guests).

The entrepreneurial B & B is characterized instead by the following requirements:

  • the activity must be carried out in the house where you live permanently continuously and professionally;
  • also, in this case, you can offer accommodation and only breakfast;
  • a maximum of 6 rooms with 18 beds can be made available;
  • the activity is exercised in an only real estate unit, or two real estate units located in the same building or two buildings distant between them not more than a hundred meters
  • the exercise of the activity of entrepreneurial B & B requires registration in the register of companies;
  • it is possible to have access to regional incentives for business creation.
  • you have to issue tax invoices to the customer and for low incomes, you can take advantage of the flat-rate scheme.

What are the requirements to start a B&B in Apulia?

First of all, it is necessary to go to the SUAP office of the municipality of relevance for the compilation of the SCIA (Segnalazione Certificata di Inizio Attività - Certified Declaration of Start of Business) to which must be attached the documents required by the Region for the completion of the practice: floor plan, property contracts, insurance, etc.

Then it is necessary to apply to the local Tourist Offices for the classification of the structure and the communication of the guests to the Public Safety Authorities.

In Apulia, the carrying out of the activity of B & B, without the previous certified report of commencement, involves an administrative penalty from 5,000 to 10,000 euros and the immediate closure of the activity.

The secrets to a successful B&B?

Personalization. Tourists are increasingly attracted by the possibility of living an experience: therefore, in addition to guaranteeing the highest levels of basic services - comfort, cleanliness, courtesy, breakfast - it is important to make the difference by offering a plus: designer furniture, a Victorian bathroom, a kitchen workshop, a walk through the city.

Finally, it is essential to invest time and resources in an adequate marketing strategy: social media, photographs, website and registration with the main world portals (booking above all) are indispensable tools for a successful B&B!

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