30 August 2019

For a few days now, images have been circulating on the web of cute and colorful trullo-shaped containers (yes, our beloved trulli) proposed by one of the companies that symbolize Made in Italy design: Kartell.

Kartell's trulli, made of plastic, transparent, with colorful transparency reminiscent of a summer popsicle, is not just simple containers, but real design objects, to be shown, collected, brought to the table. Protagonists of love - the love for Apulia - that is involving more and more people and that will allow preserving the memory of this piece of paradise even inside the home.

Naturally, the inspiration comes from a town that is very dear to us, Alberobello. It is from this Apulian village, a Unesco World Heritage Site, that Fabio Novembre, an architect from Lecce, drew inspiration. "In Alberobello, all the houses have a conical roof like a magician's hat. And these houses are a bit magical: even the houses themselves since they are made only with overlapping stones, without any binder. Why? Because their main characteristic, originally, was temporariness. Exactly as life is temporary. The impression they give is that, by slipping off their roof-hat, they can reveal hidden secrets".

An intense and profound reflection that November brings back to everyday life and common use, almost as if these caskets should remind us of the ephemeral precariousness of life.

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