07 May 2019

The sea, the sun, and that feeling of complete relaxation that everyone looks forward to unplugging and immerse themselves in the long-awaited 'vacation dimension'. And if this then takes place in Puglia and also provides a tourist structure, here is that the choices of where to stay safely and independently become complicated.

 There are few resorts or hotels in Apulia that maintain high international standards, the excellent service that pampers guests from the moment they arrive at the moment they leave, and the good food that has made Apulia so famous. There he is, the tourist in Puglia who ventures into remote places, far from the big cities, where cabs hardly exist, buses have mysterious running times and few speak English. Guest in hotels with paper walls, at the mercy of modest breakfasts and at the mercy of the reception desk. 

Stop. Did you know that true luxury in Puglia is not to be found in the small rooms with thin walls of the hotels in the center, but in the Trulli with walls up to a meter and a half thick that give not only privacy but also coolness? 

Did you know that the luxury that many identify with a beach vacation is actually enclosed in the Trulli, where languidly lingering by your pool becomes the pleasant program of every day? And then, did you know that the luxury of good food sought in a thousand restaurants where prices fly higher than the seagulls at the port, is actually served in the Trulli, on the table set by the farmer who brings you the local delicacies of the land he cultivates? 

So, the luxury you do not expect is really there, in the Trulli. In the privacy, comfort, and unique style of these houses away from home. On the other hand, real luxury nowadays is to be able to choose. We choose the trullo, and you?


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