13 December 2019

Christmas always brings with it a magical atmosphere, made of intense scents of ginger cookies and lights that light up the old city center or the dark of the countryside. The magic that here in Valle d'Itria explodes with all its most rural connotations: the cakes are the traditional ones, which our grandmothers still prepare at home, the white is not that of snow but the lime of its trulli, the cribs are not simple statues resting on a shelf but come to life in caves and small village squares.

And if in summer the Itria Valley is the best time to discover its profound beauty, Christmas is no different. Even better if in a trullo.

Here time seems to stop. You can feel it from the first moment you cross the threshold. The trullo, thanks to its ancestral structure, is the perfect place to find yourself, to live quiet days and just be carried away by the enchantment. It is the right place to indulge in the warmth of a fireplace in a living area where everything has been recovered in full respect of tradition. To indulge in a reading at the center of a dome, plastered with the earth as soft as velvet. And waking up in the morning, on a panorama of cone roofs, to discover the primordial purity of nature and of what surrounds us, a state that can hardly be found within our frenetic and manipulated daily life.

The trullo becomes the starting point to discover the rest of this enchanted valley, including small festivals that animate the ancient villages, gourmet restaurants that coexist peacefully with old taverns, ancient churches and cloisters that play with the Baroque and Romanesque style. And then there is the magic of Christmas, with its trees that adorn the squares and small markets with handicraft products that fill the ancient streets, to be discovered with the eyes of a child.

No, it is not a fairy tale. It is living a vacation in a trullo in Valle d'Itria.

A dream that we help to build every day, in every renovation that we take care of.



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