10 February 2019

Our work is hard and tiring, but at the same time gentle and meticulous: renovating a trullo means looking for the history of a place to bring it back to its former glory, in full respect of its identity. And in over 40 years of experience, we have collected as many stories as the Trulli we have renovated: a kaleidoscope of a thousand possible declinations. A gallery of worlds. An exercise, a test, a thousand emotions. All different. As in life.

So, even if you live in Milan or New York, London or Tokyo, why not try to savor the magic of living the experience of a trullo on a vacation where you can rediscover the slow pace of the day, the beauty of unspoiled nature, the charm of ancient villages that only Apulia has.

Apulia is now full of resorts, b&b's and hotels: we would like to provide you with some useful addresses - which we know very well, also because they have been brought back to light after a careful renovation - where you can find an atmosphere of peace and comfort, alive in every season.


For those who want to immerse themselves in the everyday life of Alberobello, Trullo Nathalie is the perfect place for a romantic vacation: located in the historic center of the town, this B&B has been renovated in full respect of its original architecture. A unique environment where everything finds space and form: a dining room with a kitchen, a sofa bed, and then a romantic alcove with a double bed. Suggestive the solution of the loft that houses a double bed: a unique experience and enveloping.


In a silent tratturo of Itria Valley, an enchanted trullo, with clear and clean shapes and the grace of a perfect balance between past and present. Outside a gentle simplicity, peasant, Apulian, between modernity and light, lightness and relaxation. And then the swimming pool, almost there by chance, among almond, olive and cherry trees. Inside, perfect finishing touches and a few calibrated furnishings, all in wood, in a perfect mix of passion and tradition, genius and art.


Materiis. Nature in its purity. That which remains in the substratum, in the becoming of changes. Just as in the quote of Aristotle in late 300 B.C., Materiis is an invitation to live spaces and nature in their essence. The primordial purity of nature: a state that can hardly be found within the hectic and manipulated daily life. Materiis Trulli and Nature is now composed of two main areas: the historic stone farm and the small village of Trulli, consisting of 14 original cones. It is framed by a forest of oak trees, whose branches moved by the wind tell of an ancient charm.


A widespread hotel in the heart of Alberobello to relive the authentic atmosphere of the old houses with cone-shaped roofs. artfully restored, masterfully mixing tradition and innovation to make them complete with every comfort, you can choose from more than 20 solutions, including Trulli Suite, Superior, or Classic.


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