Underfloor heating in a trullo: a practical guide to discovering its advantages

24 October 2022

Are you looking for the best solution to heat your trullo? Underfloor heating in a trullo is the answer to your questions. 

The trullo is an ancient conical dry-stone construction, one of the best-known symbols of Apulia throughout the world. Those in Alberobello are certainly the most famous, declared a UNESCO "World Heritage Site" in 1996.

Trulli are a unique example of rural architecture, simple houses but with an original and appealing aesthetic. Originally built to house peasants and farmers, today they are instead a real housing desire for many people. 

Choosing underfloor heating in a trullo is a great way to protect the beauty of these buildings. Those who live in a trullo know how difficult it is to organize the space, every piece of furniture and furnishings must fit perfectly with the uniqueness of the architectural structure. 

For this very reason, underfloor heating is the ideal option for not sacrificing precious square footage and at the same time preserving the simple and traditional style of the true Apulian trullo.  

Trullo floor heating: the advantages

 Legend has it that trulli are warm in winter and cool in summer. A story that certainly has a kernel of truth, but nowadays it is necessary to think about a recovery and renovation plan that takes into account today's livability parameters but without compromising the originality of the structure. 

Opting for underfloor heating in a trullo is an excellent solution both aesthetically and in terms of performance. Let's look at some advantages:

● the absence of heating elements ensures that the stone surface is not affected, leaving the interior walls intact; 

● underfloor heating possesses great flexibility that ensures it can be installed in any room without regard to architectural limitations; 

● in addition to heating, it can also be used as a cooling system, a great way to save on the purchase of air conditioners; 

it increases the real estate value of the trullo because the energy class improves; 

● although more expensive if we consider the long term certainly underfloor heating in a trullo represents a significant energy saving

uniform and constant temperature. This is achieved by radiating heat from the bottom to the top, so it avoids the air stratification that occurs with radiators instead. Thus, underfloor heating keeps the trullo, which is to be considered a humid environment since it is in contact with the ground, at constant and dry temperatures; 

● the significant reduction in convective movements that produce dust displacement makes underfloor heating the best solution for those with particular allergies

Would you like to receive advice on the renovation of your trullo? Contact us for free to receive more information. Edilserra has been committed to carrying on the ancient art of trullo masters for over 40 years. 


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