24 January 2018

As many of you will know, the Italian State in recent years has made available important tax deductions on several works and improvements to be made to your home.

Tax relief is also available for 2018, although there are some new features (not all of them positive). Here is a brief guide to consulting to find out all the opportunities to take advantage of, the amounts of tax rebates, and what expenses are eligible for deduction.

The Home Bonuses you can take advantage of in the renovation of a trullo for this 2018 concern:

  • renovations;
  • furniture and furnishings;
  • ecobonus (interventions aimed at energy saving such as windows, fixtures, boilers, or solar blinds);
  • bonus green (gardens, terraces, and fences)

Let's start with the renovation bonus

For the whole of 2018 the extension of the renovation bonus has been confirmed: also for works started from January 1, 2018, and until next December 31 it will be possible to benefit from the tax deduction of 50% of the expenses incurred and within the limit of 96,000 euros of expenditure. As of January 1, 2019, the bonus for building renovation work will return to the original measure, or an Irpef deduction equal to 36% of expenses incurred, up to the limit of 48,000 euros for each property unit.

The eligible expenses concern both condominiums and extraordinary maintenance, restoration and renovation, building renovation carried out on individual residential property units of any cadastral category, including rural and appurtenances (interventions listed in letters b), c) and d) of Article 3 of Presidential Decree 380/2001).

As for the Ecobonus, the Budget Act 2018 has reconfirmed throughout the current year the deduction for expenses related to interventions of energy requalification of buildings. But there are some novelties.

The first. Drops from 65% to 50% the bonus for the purchase and installation of windows including frames, solar shading and replacement of winter air conditioning systems with systems equipped with biomass boilers and condensing boilers with efficiency equal to class A product provided by Delegated Regulation (VE) No. 811/2013.

Remain instead at 65% bonus for the purchase of winter air conditioning systems with plants equipped with condensing boilers with efficiency equal to class A and simultaneous installation of advanced thermoregulation systems. Deduction to 65% also for the replacement of winter air conditioning systems with systems equipped with hybrid equipment, consisting of heat pump integrated with condensing boiler, assembled in the factory and expressly designed by the manufacturer to work in combination with each other, or for expenses incurred in the purchase and installation of condensing air heaters. Important! Are definitively excluded from the facilitation interventions of replacement of winter air conditioning systems with systems equipped with condensing boilers with an efficiency below class A product.

The objective of the rules is to reward interventions that allow a more substantial energy saving. For this reason, the rate remains unchanged on the interventions of insulation and installation of solar panels.

As for the Furniture bonus, the IRPEF deduction of 50% is confirmed also for 2018 for all furniture and large household appliances in a class not lower than A+, in a context of renovation (also carried out in 2017).  The expenses for the purchase are deductible within a maximum expenditure limit of 10 thousand euros, to be divided into ten installments of an equal amount.

News. The new deduction for green. Rewarded by law the owners of terraces and gardens who decide to put a hand to the arrangement of green. Provided the "green bonus", a tax deduction of 36% for those who buy trees and plants, rearrange hedges and lawns, build or improve irrigation systems. The deduction on gardening work, which also includes the costs of designing green areas, is allowed on an annual expenditure ceiling of 5,000 euros.


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