18 November 2019

In more than 40 years of work as trullo masters, we have heard about everything ... from the request to build a trullo in another Italian region to the assumption that the construction of a trullo started from the roof. Other times, however, we have been offered projects that at first glance seemed visionary.

Like the one, we are about to tell you.

The story of this restoration work began a few years ago, when one of our clients - with whom we had already collaborated on the renovation of a trullo that was later transformed into a B&B - suggested that we transform an old family trullo, now abandoned, into a small treasure chest of luxury and well-being. The idea was to create a private spa in the trullo - located in the heart of Alberobello, right in the Monti district - with an entire area dedicated to relaxation.

An interesting idea, of course, but one that hid a trap: how to create a spa without distorting the essence of a trullo?

The answer came soon after: to realize the important whirlpool bath digging in the stone, one of the most suggestive and fascinating solutions from the aesthetic point of view that perfectly matched the surrounding environment. The result, after months of work, is a large hot tub with a primordial charm, linked to the grandeur of nature and the familiarity of material as ancient as the earth.

The rest of the restoration followed this file rouge: transforming each element into a unique and cared for detail. From the old family, trullo was thus obtained a cozy living area (with a wooden loft to recover additional space) that connects to a large bedroom with a private bathroom: we removed the old plaster and brought back the stone face to taste the warmth of the material and show the refinement of the execution.

The kitchen, on the other hand, was obtained by annexing to the old trullo a new construction with a barrel ceiling: a painstaking and careful work, made so that there was total continuity between old and new. The French window of the kitchen overlooks a small private outdoor area: the construction of a convenient staircase allows you to also enjoy a large terrace from which to enjoy a wonderful view of the Trulli of Alberobello.

The internal flooring has been made with antiqued local stone, able to resume the red thread traced by the traditional chianche paving: under its layer, an underfloor heating system gives a comfortable feeling of warmth.

Particular attention has been paid to the finishes: the wooden frames made by local workers, the lighting system with the use of local ceramics, the brass taps have given a new stylistic line while respecting the traditional local culture.

A work that has filled us with pride and amazement and that you too can discover, enjoying the beauty of a vacation of wellness and pleasure. Just look for Suite Nathalie.

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